R1 Engine Data

There are 5 main variants of the popular Yamaha YZF R1

The first R1 appeared in 1998 (know as the 4XV) and had 150 bhp, it was fitted with 4 40mm Mikuni BDSR 40 carbs.

The second generation arrived in 2000 (5JJ) and had 160bhp. It had many improvements over the earlier engine these included, modified carbs, revised camshaft lubrication, lighter gearbox internals, and altered ratios including a taller 1st gear.

In 2002 the 5PW engine was launched. It now was fitted with fuel injection, although looking at one you would think it was still on carbs. This is achieved by a CV slide controlled by vacuum. The main advantage of this over the earlier models is it can rev higher and faster. Power was up slightly to 164bhp

The forth generation was launched in 2004 (5VY) this is a totally new engine that is larger than the previous models, so unfortunately will not fit in our kits. This isn't a problem though as there are hundreds of low mileage 5PW, 5JJ and 4XV engines around. Power is now up to 172bhp.

The latest engine launched in 2007 (4C8) is all new and changes from the 20 valve Genesis unit to a 16 valve setup. The same applies to this engine as the 5VY and makes it unsuitable for our kit. Power is now 180bhp, throttle is fly by wire, and it's now fitted with YCC-I (Yamaha Chip Control Intake) which controls the throttle body trumpets causing them to squeeze up when revs rise above 10,400rpm

Our advice when deciding which engine to buy is,

If you're on a budget then we recommend a late 5JJ carb engine as they are easy to alter the fueling, and the electrical wiring is very simple.

If you want maximum performance then go for the 5PW, you will need to fit a power commander to allow you to richen the fueling. This is due to the new air filter flowing much more air than the original air box. Because its injection the wiring is a lot more complex but we can supply a modified harness.