Yes the kit will fit LHD Mini's no problem

Can I fit another make of engine...Hayabusa etc?

No, this kit is designed purely around the Yamaha YZF R1. The main reason being size, as you will not get any other larger cc engine in without cutting the bulkhead or stretching the front. The R1 produces plenty of power for its size and if you've never driven a bike engine car before I doubt you'd want more!

Can the engine be turbo charged or supercharged?

No, there is no room to mount a turbo unless you were to cut the bulkhead or put it at the rear of the car.

There is no space to mount a supercharger either.

Can I buy the reverse box seperately to fit to an older kit?

Yes we can supply our new reverse gearbox along with cable to fit your earlier kit. It is £850

Is the conversion road legal?

Yes it is fully road legal, this was in fact the reason it was first developed. It passes current UK MOT requirements easily, and the emissions are lower than any tuned A series.

What else to I need to buy to complete the conversion?

You will need a complete Yamaha YZF R1 engine with all wiring, cdi, coils, carbs or throttle bodies depending on year of engine. Engines from 1998-2003 bikes are suitable.

You will also need some form of air filter, we recommend K&N air filters as they fit under the bonnet, are easily cleanable and long lasting.

The kit is designed to mate to a 2" performance exhaust Maniflow etc. If you use the twin box system as our car does, you will pass noise regulations for Castle Combe yet still sound awesome on the road (listen to video!)

Where do I get an engine from?

There are many places where suitable engines can be sourced from, like bike breakers, local adverts or probably the best place and frequently the cheapest is here on everyone's favourite EBAY

How easy is it to wire up to the existing vehicle electrics?

Depending whether the engine is carburetted or injection we can modify your harness to allow easy connection to the original vehicle harness.

What are the performance figures?

0-60 times are around 4 to 5 seconds depending on traction and gearing, terminal speed is about 125 in 6th.

What is the BHP of the engine?

The engine produces 150-180 BHP in standard tune depending on model year. This also means further tuning can be done!

What size wheels can I use?

We can supply gearing for any wheel size you wish to use. Our own cars run on 10" wheels this is only down to personal preference. Please let us know what size your running when ordering

What body modifications are required?

The only part that needs removing is the centre grill support to allow clearance. The bulkhead needs no modifications whatsoever, except 2 25mm holes drilling for the gear and reverse cable.

Do you recommend any further upgrades?

We would highly recommend you upgrade your braking system as with all the power available you will be pushing the standard braking system to its limits.  You can get away with grooved discs and red stuff pads or fit 4 pot calipers. Also replacing the 4 pin differential with a Quaife ATB makes a big difference to the handling and traction.

How do I get a speed readout?

The cheapest dash setup is to use the clocks from the R1 bike that matches your engine. You can then buy a Speedo Healer to recalibrate the digital speed readout.